6-8 August, 2021
Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield


– April 7, 2021 –

Hey Rewinders,

We have been looking at all the comments on our social media and there is clearly concern about this year’s Festivals given all the cancelling and shifting of other Festivals and Events within the 2021 calendar. So, we called another Rewind S.A.G.E. (Sad Aged Gits of the Eighties) meeting and put the following statement together to let you know where we are at with 2021:

There are many reasons that events are cancelling or shifting at this stage all based on assessing the risks on all counts. Some have very long set up times that won’t work with lockdown dates; some have decided that, due to their size, it’s too close to 21 June to be guaranteed to proceed; some are independent and want distance between 21 June and their Festival; all are faced with the lack of insurance for the industry.

As we move through the tiers on the Roadmap out of lockdown and the vaccine roll out continues unabated, we are understandably being asked many and various questions by you. In England the Prime Minister has said that restrictions will be lifted by June 21st, subject of course to nothing going badly wrong, which at the moment we have no reason to believe will happen.

Over the next weeks/months the government are carrying out a series of test events, both Sporting and Cultural to decide and specify how events should work to provide a safe environment. Our health and safety team, who are independent consultants, are also working on some of these test events; they will then work with the local council licensing teams to implement any recommendations.

We do not know yet what these will be, but could include:
Vaccine/testing/immunity certification.
Increased cleaning and sanitising stations.
The events are obviously open air however big tops and tents may be open to increase air flows.
Reduction of and queue management.

It is expected that Scotland will follow a similar path and we are awaiting guidelines. We remain 100% committed to doing everything we can to bring you all 3 Rewind Festivals this summer and we believe our dates, size and set up times work perfectly given they are a month after lockdown is lifted and we have enough time to plan anything that the test events throw up.

However, please do rest assured that should we not be able to stage these events, then you will obviously be able to get a full refund or roll your tickets over to 2022.

But we remain confident that, given that all our audience, artists and most of the crew will be double vaccinated by 23rd July, we will be able to celebrate in true 80’s Rewind style and to coin an 80s phrase – ‘Our Festivals are not for turning’!!

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