6-8 August, 2021
Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield


2021 Update

– April 17, 2020 –

Hey Rewinders,

Hope you are all at least enjoying the sun for now. To bring a little more sunshine to your hearts we have updated the 2021 artwork confirming the acts that are coming back for you in 2021, click here to view it!

Sadly we have had a couple who couldn’t make it due to prior commitments one of whom is Nick Heyward – but we are delighted that Rewind Favourite Marc Almond is available and will join us next year.

Marc said “I am very excited to be playing all three Rewind Festivals in 2021. I’ve played Rewind many times before, the experience has always been amazing. I really love the passion and excitement of the Rewind audiences. Get those Pink Flamingos at the ready and see you in 2021!” 🤩🦩

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