31 Jul-2 Aug, 2020
Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield


Knee-slapping comedy is coming to Macclesfield!

– April 3, 2019 –

Over the last few years, Rewind has played host to some brilliant acts, but this year we are stepping things up a notch!

We’re so excited to announce that this year, Capesthorne Hall will play host to four of the biggest and funniest names in comedy, performing across the weekend on the Forever Stage.

So settle in and get ready for the laughs as we introduce the hilarious bunch of comics that will be performing across the weekend and share some of our favourite clips!

Russell Kane

“You know when you get into aggro as a guy and you’ve got alcohol in you, you need a woman that is going to chill you out. You know what right, you could get yourself into trouble, you could push back, you could end up in the newspaper, it’s not worth it. Let’s go home, have a toastie and watch the Kardashians. Problem. Dissolved.

When you’re out with a Northern girl it doesn’t end like that, she says I TELL YOU WHAT BABE YOU WAIT IN THE PUB AND I’LL SMASH HIS F*****G HEAD IN FOR YA.”


Lost Voice Guy (Lee Ridley)

“As you can see, I am a struggling stand up comedian, who also struggles to stand up. And just so you know, if you don’t laugh at the disabled guy, you are going to hell.”


Justin Moorhouse

“There are two sorts of fat people. People like me, happy go lucky, pass us a pie, who gives a s**t, I’ll be dead before I’m 50, I couldn’t care less, let’s have a laugh! What about Diabetes? It’ll make me exotic. Then there’s the others…”


Andre Vincent

“Just for a laugh, my flatmate Tony, I put Tiger Balm in his contact lenses…”

These four stellar comedians will be appearing on the Forever Stage at Rewind North on the 3rd & 4th August 2019 at Capesthorne Hall. Don’t miss out – get your tickets here.

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